Innovation Proposition

Investment in Innovation.

Generate real growth. Create sustainable values.
We provide a new investment portfolio for all members, job seekers and business prospectors.

Self reliance. Learn to innovate and enterprise.
We offer a variety of job and business creation initiatives for you to achieve your lifestyle needs.

We structured three main innovation offers to meet your investment plan.


Offer 1 - Job Development Plan with the following investment options :

Create your own job with :

  • Affiliation Plan (1) : Qualified Associate
  • Affiliation Plan (2) : Certified Professional
  • Affiliation Plan (3) : Certified Corporate 

Prerequisites :

  • Holder of Qcircle Certification Award or
  • Completion of Certifying Members or Certifying Professionals program.

Actualisation :

  • Job title as per certification by specialisation
  • Job reward as per choice of Affiliation Plan


Offer II - Business Development Plan with the following investment options :

Create your own business with :

  • Registry Plan (1) : Business Registry Member
  • Registry Plan (2) : Ecommerce Registry Member
  • Registry Plan (3) : Global Partners Registry Member

Prerequisites :

  • Holder of Qcircle Globalisation Award or
  • Completion of Certifying Businesses program.

Actualisation :

  • Consortium status  by specialty and regional hosting
  • Investment returns as per choice of Registry Plan


Offer III - Brand Development with the following investment options :

Create your own investment portfolio with Brand development option :

Brand Affiliation : Registry Members

Co -brand : Strategic Partners (Education and Industry Partners)

Brand Development is accorded as a privilege to all Registry Members and Strategic Partners.


Returns on Innovation :

Consortium Members including Strategic Partners are granted privileges and financial plan for return of investment.

Potential investors and our Investment Clienteles may provide venture capitals, financial and start-up support to Registry Members in a collaborative project development for investment returns.

Read our publication titled "The Qcircle Book - Opportunities and Progression" for details.



For entitlement of privileges and return of investment, you need to subscribe to a Consortium Plan.

Special participation as Strategic Partners and Investment Clienteles is available for distinguished persons or corporations.