The Model

The Education plus Business Development Model

Our new paradigm for  growth is supported by an integrated Global Education plus Business Development Portal.

Uniquely, we have blended education and business into one global platform for creative pursuits and cooperative development among our consortium members, strategic partners and investment clienteles.

Here, members learn to innovate and enterprise. They create their own jobs and businesses within one shared knowledge management system for real growth.

 The development pathway and opportunities.


The New Paradigm for Growth

Essentially, pathway opportunities are provided by our Global Education + Business (" E+B ") development portal. Members find their own fit and synergy, and collaborate with fellow members within an unified Qcircle Knowledge Ecosystem to generate ideas and work together to achieve sustainable values and growth.

Qcircle's prepared environment :

  • Learning Zone : Participants can prepare their competencies for a Members Award.
  • Innovation Zone : Members can explore opportunities and create their own job and business.
  • Transformation Zone : Members align their competencies and be empowered for business. 
  • Enterprising Zone : Members subscribe to a Consortium Plan to get Privileges and Financial Returns.

At the " E + B " Portal, participating members can learn, innovate to enterprise and advance themselves within the Consortium at their own pace and place.


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