The Structure

The New World Consortium

We establish a multi-disciplinary and transnational Consortium for members to work together in synergy in today’s increasing competitive environment and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Membership is structured with four distinctive categories of participation, namely Affiliation Members, Registry Members, Strategic Partners and Investment Clienteles.

Affiliation and Registry Members are Qcircle Certified Professionals and Business Practitioners or owners with their own field of specialisation. They are trained to promote Qcircle and its Applications as their value added services.

Strategic Partners  provide the knowledge and technical know-hows while our Investment Clienteles offer capital venture funds or financial start-up support to our Affiliation and Registry Members.

Generally, all Consortium Members are granted privileges based on their competencies and the choice of investment plan selected. We provide the framework for cooperation.

Under the aegis of Qcircle Knowledge Ecosystem, the consortium is in constant self-formation, development and growth.


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