E-biz Solution Global


Qualifying Program for Ecommerce Registry.

Uniquely, a brand affiliation and an e-business development process.
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Solution Global

E-biz SG
program is a Strategic Global Media (SGM) Application Module to aid Qualified Members to stay relevant and be connected for new economy challenges.

An e-business enabled project for members’ participation at Ecommerce Gallery.

An accredited SGM Application Module for participation at Qcircle's Ecommerce Gallery.


  •  Ready Ecommerce Gallery for members exchanges 
  •  Brand Affiliation with internationally recognised Domain Brands and Specialty Portals.
  •  Integration of Members’s competencies and businesses for one global outreach.
The Program

E-biz Solution Global is to prepare members to participate in the Ecommerce Gallery and to become an Ecommerce Registry Member. Members can post and deliver Qcircle accredited products and services at the Gallery.

For who?
  •   Qualified Member, Certified Professionals or Corporate
  •   Certified Member’s Business Entity and or Certified Member's sponsored corporations
E-biz SG Plan for Ecommerce Registry
  •   E-biz Basic
  •   E-biz Professionals
  •   E-biz Premium Partners
  •   Ready global marketplaces
  •   Business leverage with Qcircle Ecommerce Gallery
  •   Easy access to e-business management platform

You can activate your completed business template on subscription of an Ecommerce Registry Plan.
Specialty sub domain name will be allocated for the implementation process.






Get Award
  •   Strategic Global Ready Award (E-biz SG category)
  •   Advance to be a Ecommerce Registry Member at Qcircle at your own time
  •   Submission of Achievement Report File including a SGM Application Plan
  •   Online implementation and successful trial application review

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