SGM Modules

Be ready for a new world Consortium.

Strategic Global Media and Applications

We provide Solutions and Gateways.

Find IT driven business and professional management application tools for members to re-position themselves to meet new challenges.

We offers three sets of ready Solution and Gateway plans to transform members for new marketplaces and opportunities.

It is also a strategic development and integration process for suitably qualified members to align their competencies and enterprise at Qcircle. Here, members can leverage on Qcircle’s internationally recognised knowledge domains and service channels to advance their specialisation interest in one Consortium

The three main SGM Application Modules are accredited for Strategic Global (SG) Ready Award and participation at Qcircle as Registry Members.


Infocomm Solution Gateway Plan

Infocomm SG Plan a basic SGM Application Module to align Members’ business and professional services in one global platform for cross disciplinary development and doing businesses .

A basic infocomm application project for members to grow their business with an online presence .

An accredited SGM Application Module for participation at Business Registry. … know more


E-biz Solution Global Plan

E-biz SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid Qualified Members to stay relevant and be connected for new economy challenges.

An e-business enabled project for members’ participation at Ecommerce Gallery.

An accredited SGM Application Module for participation at Qcircle's Ecommerce Gallery.… know more


Professionals Strategic Global Plan

Professionals SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to prepare members to global marketplaces and be recognised in the delivery of Qcircle's applications, products and services. 

The Application Module aids members to advance themselves to be a Global Partner as Education, Business or Community Hosts in the country.

An accredited SGM Application Module for participation at Global Partners Registry. ... know more


Alternate route  :
Integration gateway @ Certifying businesses - Becoming a Registry Member