Members as Partners

What is Members as Partners ?

Partnering for real growth. We offer  a new world Consortium.

The Event promotes the values and the benefits of being a Consortium Member. It provides dialogue for cooperative learning and inter-disciplinary business development among members. The aim of the Members Partners Conference is to generate ideas and create opportunities for new business pursuits.

The event introduces Qcircle and its prepared environment.

Qcircle’s Affiliation Privileges and Program (APP) Plan and Registry Privileges and Program (RPP) for practical advancement on business returns are presented. The program also instills the essence of cooperation and for members to part of Qcircle Knowledge Ecosystem for growth together.

Affiliation and Registry Members are encouraged to promote and enrol their friends for the Event.

Program Format and Agenda

An event to explore the privileges and opportunities with Consortium Plan @ Qcircle.


  • Session 1 : Seminar and Forum. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Session 2 : Business Dialogue and Consultation (3 hours)
  • Submission for Members Award and Consortium Plan (Optional)