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Infocomm SG Consortium operates in conjunction with Singland Strategic Global Media (SGM) and the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Together it brings about new media solutions for today’s digital challenges. We provide a Strategic Globalisation Plan for entrepreneurs and professionals to transform themselves and be digital ready for a new frontier of growth.

All participants / clienteles are provided with a Consortium Plan as a value addon to their competencies and businesses.

Education, Business and Professional Service Providers | Solution Developers | Solution Learners can create their own digital value chain and financial portfolio at the eConsortium. Qcircle is open for participation by Consortium Plan.

Education + Business Development
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E + B Partnership Programs.
All participants will be registered as a Qualified Client User on enrolment and rewarded with an appropriate upgrade of a Consortium Financial Plan for self-actualisation of returns on completion

Solution Developers | Providers

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Education + Business IT

Accredited for Qcircle Innovators Awards and participation at the eConsortium

Strategic Global Media Solutions

Digital Induction Award

Infocomm Solution Gateway Plan

Infocomm SG Plan a basic SGM Application Module to position participants’ products and services with an online presence. It provides enterpreneurs and start-ups the opportunity to advance themselves in today’s cyber infocomm highways.

Uniquley, the plan also aligns professional and business service providers / owners to the eConsortium @ Qcircle for cross disciplinary collaboration and job referral support among networked members. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (1) and participation as an Affiliate @ Qcircle for reward.

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Strategic Global Award

Professionals Strategic Global Plan

Professionals SG is a SGM Application Module to prepare qualified members to global marketplaces.

Value added, all participants are digitally affiliated to a good domain brand to enhance the delivery of their specialisation and to offer of Qcircle’s applications, products and services. The Plan also certified members to be recognised as a competent business and professional service provider in delivery of their specialty services at the Consortium. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (2) and participation as an Associate @ Qcircle for reward.

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eBusiness Integrated Award

E-biz Solution Global Plan

E-biz SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid partipants to stay relevant and be connected in the globalised economy. It positions their products and services to an ecommerce enabled platform for doing business worldwide.

Value added, the Plan also inducts particpants for a collective recognition as Business / Education, Ecommerce, Community / Global  Hosts for delivery of Qcircle’s services wherever they are located. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (3) and participation as Corporate @  Qcircle for reward.

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Digital Venture Offers

Value Chain Creation by Specialisation.
Digitally connected with Qcircle Consortium Plan for Reward

For Business Owners | Job and Business Seekers

Ready Job | Business Offers
Progressive participation with value-added portfolio set-up

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  • Participate as an Affilate for a new job or business at Qcircle
  • Select a knowledge domain to develop your potential and core interest
  • Advance to be a Specialty Education | Business | Professional Service Provider or Host at your own pace and place.
  • Develop your Project Team | Create your job | business portfolio.
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