Developer of Strategic Global Media Solutions for Quick Digital Transformation of Businesses.

Singland Strategic Global Media with Infocomm.SG Consortium is a unique cyberspace developer and builder. It is an infocomm development hub to position participants’ products and services into a digital structured knowledge platform ready for new economy challenges. Choice of Solution Gateway and Solution Global Plans for the integration into worldwide marketplaces. hosts a variety of good domain brands for participation and for members to find new opportunities and synergy for their operation.

Strategic Global Media Solutions | Business 

For Investors | ePartners

Cyberspace developers and builders. Professional consulting services. Select your needs.

  • Business and Professional Advisory wanted
  • Project Team and business collaboration with other ePartners.
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For Job and Business Seekers

Join the team.  Immediate value set-up plan.

  • Participate as an Affilate for a new job or business at SSGM | Qcircle
  • Select a location based support domain to develop your potential and core interest
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Specialty Education | Practicum

For Investors | ePartners

SSGM provides competency based internship and professional career development as well as business collaboration among ePartners.

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For Job and Business Seekers

Induction to the SSGM team.

  • Self directed development with mentoring aid.
  • Select a specialisation to develop your potential and core interest
  • All eligible participants will be rewarded with Consortium Financial Plan to advance their interest @ SSGM | Qcircle.
Quick Induction | Choice of your interest.

Infocomm SG Plan helps participants to grow their business and professional services with a global presence.

Professionals SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid particiapnts to advance themselves to the global marketplaces.

E-biz SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid participants to stay relevant and be connected for new economy challenges.

Clients will be rewarded with an appropriate category of Qcircle Award to advance their interest the eConsortium. All participants will be digitally connected to a specialty domain and an appropriate consortium financial plan for provision of their core services and businesses.

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